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Experience the bold and aromatic flavor of our organically grown Black Whole Pepper.

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  • ✅ *GENUINE BLACK PEPPER* Experience the essence of Chickmagalur with our genuine black peppercorn, harvested and packed straight from our heartland farms. With over five decades of mastery in pepper cultivation
  • ✅ *STRAIGHT FROM OUR FARM TO YOUR TABLE* Our single-origin black pepper guarantees freshness and quality with every grind. We ensure that only the finest and fresh peppers make it to your kitchen
  • ✅ *PREMIUM EXTRA BOLD QUALITY/SIZE MATTERS * Selected for their extra-bold size and left unpolished, our peppers promise superior taste and aroma in every sprinkle
  • ✅ *UNIQUE TASTE/Flavour* Our High Range Whole Black Pepper  is cultivated in the pristine environment of Chickmagalur, where the interplay of natural streams and cooler temperatures yields a flavor profile that stands out from the crowd.
  • ✅ *Support sustainable farming* Our farm is UTZ certified ensuring that every peppercorn is cultivated with care for the environment and employment for local communities
  • ✅ *Packed with essential oils and nutrients, offering superior taste and health benefits.
  • ✅ *NO ARTIFICAL COLORS* Our peppers exhibit a bold, dark hue without the use of artificial methods. Unpolished and untouched by artificial colors, each peppercorn undergoes careful hand-harvesting and sun-drying.

Elevate your culinary creations with our premium Black Whole Pepper. Experience the distinctive taste and aroma that sets our product apart. Embrace the art of seasoning and savor the true essence of flavor with our organically grown black pepper.

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