Navees 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee


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Select from green beans, roasted beans, or powder to suit your brewing preferences.

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☕ Medium to Finer Grind(for powder) | Medium roast profile. Suitable for espresso
☕ Flavor notes: Floral, citrus and nutty
☕ Processing method: Wet processed and fermented. Wet processing cause it extracts the full spectrum of flavors from coffee beans, resulting in a rich cup of coffee.

Full description below:

☕ Rise and shine with the rich and full-bodied flavor of our Naadu Spices Arabica Coffee. Made from premium quality Arabica beans grown in our farm, this coffee powder delivers a smooth and mellow taste with a subtle hint of fruit and floral notes.

☕ Our Arabica beans are hand-picked and carefully selected to ensure only the highest quality beans are used in our coffee powder. After harvesting, the beans are roasted to perfection, bringing out the full flavor and aroma of the coffee.

☕ With a medium roast level, our Navees 100% Arabica Coffee has a balanced acidity and sweetness, making it the perfect choice for a morning pick-me-up or a mid-day break. Whether you prefer it black, with cream, or as a latte, our Arabica Coffee Powder will deliver a smooth and delicious taste every time.

☕ Shade grown and hand picked; crafted from Grade AA premium coffee cherries

☕ At Naadu Spices, we take pride in our organic farming practices and commitment to sustainable agriculture. By choosing our Arabica Coffee , you can enjoy a delicious and high-quality coffee while supporting our mission to protect the environment and promote fair trade practices.

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